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Multimedia Services offered by us are listed below:
Flash websites
Flash Websites
Flash Intros
Flash Intros
E-Learning E-Brochure Design E-Brochure
Flip Catalog Design
Flip Catalog
Logo Design
Logo Design
3D Designs
3D Designs Flash Animation Flash Animation

Multimedia includes a combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video, and interactive content. Multimedia has brought a revolutionary change to the infotainment industry. Through creative use of multimedia, attractive solutions can be created that exhibit the eminence of your organization. Various aspects of your organization can be presented in an attractive way. Using creative graphics, videos and audios, a striking presentation of your organization can be created. You can display the same in a meeting with the clients, exhibitions, seminars and so on. The presentation will visually speak volumes of your organization.

Flash Websites

Flash Templates created by us comprise premium quality and extra modern technologies. Being exclusively innovative and eye catching Flash Templates will appear a perfect basis for any website you want to build. Great solution for small and medium businesses. Flash Web Templates are the perfect starting point for every kind of web presence and will help you to establish the most splendid and competitive website that will definitely impress each of the visitors With our Flash Templates you will have amazing and dynamic website.

Flash Intro

Adobe Flash movies are increasingly being used to welcome visitors to any professionally designed website. These movies inform the visitors about your organization in brief. Many companies prefer a creative introduction of their website so that a constructive ambience can be created for expressing the information. Well designed flash introduction movies can be downloaded instantly when a website is loaded for the first time. Our creative team has the expertise to design an impressive flash intro for your website.

E-Learning (CBT)

Computer Based Training is a method for using computers and multimedia to train personnel, located anywhere, on almost any subject. CBT encompasses eLearning (e-Learning). eLearning usually refers to training provided over the Internet or internal network. eLearning courses can be instructor lead and/or self-study. Anything that can be communicated using text, multimedia (graphics, color, sound, animation, & video) and interactive response techniques is a candidate for CBT and/or eLearning. Most CBT/eLearning providers deliver only standard courseware related to computing. This standard training is usually not customized to meet an organization's specific training needs, even on computer subjects.


Looking for an innovative way to highlight your products or services? An E-Brochure may be just what you need. E-Brochures provide an easy to use interface, while offering all the capabilities of a standard website. E-Brochure design service, your customers will enjoy a realistic page turning effect. E-Brochures are cost effective and can be distributed quickly and easily to your clients around the world via email or on your website.

Flip Catalog

A flip digital catalog is an online booklet. Its pages flip just like that of a real book. You can grab the pages with your mouse and flip them over or click a button to proceed in the document. This is particularly helpful for a direct mail company that is trying to transition to online catalogs or any company selling products online.


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